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Greetings and welcome to Personal Money Management 101

It's the root of all evil. It makes the world go round. But love it or hate it - you can't live without... Money.

Most of us have to work hard for our money. Money is our security for the future. Money maximizes our options. In much of developed world people living longer and birth rates are falling. It all adds up to us being unable to rely on the state to support us in our old age!

Finance and investment can be confusing. There are so many options, so many people after your money.

Personal Money Management 101 provides an unbiased introduction to finance and investment for ordinary people trying to make the most of their money.

Personal Money Management 101 Blog
Get the latest personal finance news and view and have your say.

Personal Finance Article Library
A collection of quality free articles on all aspects of personal finance.

Debt Solutions
How to avoid getting into debt, and manage and clear existing debt.

Real Estate Investment
Why real estate should feature in your portfolio.

Home Mortgage Guide
For most of us a mortgage is inescapable, but how do we find the best deal?

Buying Real Estate in Canada
A step-by-step guide.

Buying Real Estate in England
Untangle the complexities of the English property system.

Your Mortgage is Your Friend
Why your mortgage might not be such a bad thing.

Pension Planning
Advice on one of life's most important financial issues.

Investing Money
An unbiased introduction to the world of investment.

Types of Investment
There are numerous investment vehicles, but which is right for YOU?

Technical Analysis
What is technical analysis? How is it applied? And does it really work?

Fundamental vs Technical Analysis
The two major approaches to stock-picking are compared.

Why Managed Funds are Bad for your Wealth
Mutual Funds and their like may not deliver all they promise.

How to Invest in Stocks
What are stocks and shares and what role should they play in your financial planning.

Investment vs Trading
Are you an investor or a trader? Find out which, and why it's essential to know.

FOREX Trading
Discover the exciting world of foreign exchange, now open to the home trader.

How to Read Financial Statements
Make sense of accounting and financial reports.

Financial Software
Use your computer to manage your finances with the best free and commercial software.

How to choose a Financial Advisor
There are plenty of people offering to advise you on your finances, here's how to choose the right one.

Personal Financial Planning
Get your finances under control.

Risk and Reward
How to find the right combination for you.

Value vs Growth Investing
Find out about these two very different approaches.

Derivatives: Options, Futures, Others
A basic tutorial on financial derivatives.

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